English Call Centre

Our Expertise

The small companies choose offshore call centres support to achieve their objective of business without tension of economy constraint.

Here are 10 Key Attributes that English Call Centre (ECC) provides to their Customer:

  • Flexibility: – You are free to adjust number of professionals and hours according to the requirement of your small organization for the seasonal factors
  • Experience: –7 plus years’ experience in call centre services providing quality services within the provided time limit to achieve the purpose of business for different types of industries.
  • Competitive Price: –Highly competitive prices to provide you value for money. Low operating cost to provide services within your budget.
  • High Quality work: – High standard work when compared globally, hired team of skilled agents with the qualities like dynamic personality, foresightedness and spoken foreign languages.
  • High customer retention: –Our clients are with us from many years. Those clients who need short term call centre services contact us repeatedly for services.
  • Proactive and Responsive: –Minimal set up time to implement the project fast. Save money on project by fast implementation and dedication.
  • Reliability: – Advanced technology with back up of power, internet and other resources to provide free flow of services.
  • Capable Infrastructure: – Provides services using technology like High speed bandwidth, multi-dialers for customized services, CRM support and IVR.
  • Our Location: – Delhi is capital of India (Top Metro and Business State of India) with all latest amenities and facilities where average earning of person is more than other states of India so we have pool of talent resources available.

Our Special Feature

  • Work from Home facility: –We are cloud based call centre and we give access to agents to work from home or from their convenient place after adding their IP address in our system for security. This facility provides flexibility and helps in providing jobs to people who cannot travel daily especially for the housewives or physically disabled persons who has plenty of skills but could not work due to some problems.
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COVID 19 call centers services

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