German Call Center

Outsourcing has made communication with customers more accessible, relevant and rewarding especially when it is in your native language.

Call Centers Services in German Languageare

  • Telemarketing
  • Chat support
  • Customer support
  • Technical support

English Call Centre (ECC a multilingual call center) agents are proficient in foreign languages and to ensure that their voice, accent and communication match the local culture and flavor. We the latest technology and infrastructure, and are equipped with modern communication equipment, hi-speed data transfer lines and 100% recording facilities. We provide you attractive pricing structure with customized reports. We provide you 24/7 hour services to for uninterrupted services to your customer.

Why us of German Call Centers Services ?

  • German Call Center Agents: – English Call Centre offers German Call Center Services to deliver the message of business to those people who can communicate in Germany to expand their business. Call Center agents in India speak Germany with proficiency and can effectively communicate with people with a deep knowledge and understanding of their culture.
  • Choose Shared or Dedicated Agents: – We provide customer services, sale solution or technical support on share basis for multiple clients simultaneously or dedicated agents just for you.
  • Culture of German speaking counties: – We have experienced German speaking agents who can effectively communicate in German language. Agent’s extensive knowledge for the culture of German people is advantage to build relations with them for your product or services.
  • Availability of Bilingual German Call Center Services: – We provide bilingual German Call Center services including English and Germany Bilingual, Spanish and Germany Bilingual, French and Germany Bilingual, Russian and Germany Bilingual, Hindi and Germany Bilingual to those companies who want to bridge the business connections globally by overcoming the different languages problem.
  • We are the right size for your project: – We believe that your requirement is just right number for you and we will provide call center services with same dedication to our big or small projects.
  • Business Experience in different Industries: – we have vast experience of providing services to different type of industries including health care, beauty product, education, martial art, food products, restaurant, charity, tourism, accountant firms services, insurances, car services, housekeeping and consumer electronics.
  • Scalable Services: – we provides facility to scale up number of agents according to their business needs. We have technology to handle high volume calls.
  • Flexible Hours of Operation: – We are open 365 days of the year, 7 days a week for 24 hours, so you are free to opt timings according to your business requirement.
  • Cost saving: – We provide call center services at affordable rates using cutting edge technology and experienced staff. You can save huge amount of money in deploying call center and hiring staff. We offer customized services to tailor your business needs.
  • Multiple Contact Channels: – We are expert at delivering Multilingual services through multi- channel support system Phone, E-mail, Live Chat and Social Media.
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COVID 19 call centers services

We not stop our call centers service in covid19, Limited-Time Offer avail 10-25% OFF on the hourly cost on all services and projects Click here to learn more about call centers support in covid19.