French Call Center

English Call Centre (ECC a multilingual call center) fulfills the customers requirements who are actively seeking brands that speak their language. We provide solutions in French language to help you boost brand awareness and loyalty at significantly lower costs than any in-house team could.

Call Centers Services in French Languageare

  • Telemarketing
  • Chat support
  • Customer support
  • Technical support

we offers you professional aid and comprehensive approach for your business leaving behind the stress of planning, analyzing, management, strategizing and recruitment. Our outsourcing call center services provide multichannel approach and are able to handle high volume calls. Reaching your foreign customers has just become easier due to 24 hour services of call center.

Why us for French Call Centers Services?

  • French Call Center Agents: – We have established their French Call Center in India due to mass availability of French speaking agents. India has vast culture which provides an advantage to the people learning French language to understand the culture and deeply indulge with it. The agents communicate effectively with the French people in their native language.
  • Choose Shared or Dedicated Agents: – When you have tight budget you can choose shared agents who will work for multiple clients for call center services or have dedicated agents who will focus on your project only.
  • Availability of Bilingual French Service: – We offers bilingual services for French call center. You can choose French & English Bilingual, French & Spanish Bilingual, and French & Russian Bilingual services, Hindi and French Bilingual services to communicate with the people on your behalf to start your business in foreign language country. We will deliver your message accurately and explain clearly the purpose of your business.
  • Culture of French speaking counties: – We have experienced French speaking agents who understand the liking and taste of French people from all over the world to communicate effectively leaving a great impact for your company.
  • Account Management and QA team: – Our Account Management and QA team work with dedication and provide timely information and contact their clients regularly to extend the limits of standard.
  • We are the right size for your project: – We provide services with same dedication and hard work to small or big projects irrespective of their number. You are free to scale up your number according to your requirement.
  • Business Experience in different Industries: – We have immense knowledge and experience of providing services to different industries including health care, beauty product, education, martial art, food products, restaurant, charity, tourism, accountant firms services, insurances, car services, housekeeping and consumer electronics.
  • Scalable Services: – Our scalable facility for their call center services help clients to increase their business without any worry
  • Flexible Hours of Operation: – We are open 365 days of the year, 7 days a week for 24 hours which provides you facility to choose timing according to your business requirement from 6 hours to 24 hours a day.
  • Cost saving: – We provide call center services at affordable rates using cutting edge technology like cloud based system to save your huge amount on investing in set ups and other expenses. You will get clear and transparent billing and record of each call.
  • Multiple Contact Channels: – We have experience of delivering Multilingual services through multi- channel support system Phone, E-mail, Live Chat and Social Media.
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COVID 19 call centers services

We not stop our call centers service in covid19, Limited-Time Offer avail 10-25% OFF on the hourly cost on all services and projects Click here to learn more about call centers support in covid19.