In modern days, Telephone Interpretation Services have become essential for many industries. English Call Centre provides high level interpretation services to those companies who are trying to expand their horizons and help them to become a brand.

Our interpretation services allows you to converse with your target audience throughout the world without any language barrier. Our expert interpreter allows putting your point forward and delivers the message to the audience what your company can do for them.

English Call Centre provides high-level interpretation services for different industries like legal, corporate, medical business negotiations and meetings, delegations, machine installation, business conferences and seminars.

We have interpretation expert who provide this service in English languages. We have a wide team of experienced translators who can excel live interpretation service and deliver culturally accurate translation without altering the root meaning of the speech in English.

We provide four types of Telephone Interpretation Services.

  • Escort Interpretation Service
  • Consecutive Interpretation Service
  • Simultaneous Interpretation Service
  • Remote Phone/Video Interpretation Services