English Call Centre (ECC) experience in understanding customer’s expectation helps you in winning-back unhappy or lost customers. Our trained agents communicate with unhappy and already lost customers to correct miscommunications and identify new growth opportunities. By analyzing unhappy and lost customer we can limit negative word of mouth from customer who are won back and maintain and regain market share. We will help you in retaining your customer and extending their contract life.

How ECC helps in Customer Retention and Win Back?

Re-engage inactive customers through multi- channel

Our experts reach customers through multi-channel like phone, SMS, email, web chat, social media to engage them through the channel of their comfort.


We use right content to send message and communicate with them at the moment when they are most likely to response to make them your loyal customer.

Data Analysis

We analyse the data how customer connect with our brand. We also analyse the market trend, customer feedback and create data related to it. We help to know liking and disliking of your customers to increase customer retention and win back.