English Call Centre (ECC) provides you English speaking agents for generation and qualification of leads for sales across all time zones. We use your own data or provide high quality data mining service to dial for your potential customers and manage your sales representatives’ follow-up calendars. Productivity of your sales team will significantly show improvement through our lead generation assistance.

English Call Centre pay attention to reviews of people specific to your industry. Our agents have knowledge and experience of generating pre-sales lead through phone, web chat, webinar, social media, Emails and SMS. We use multi-channel techniques and tools to generate more leads for growth of your business. Our agents communicate smartly with prospects to encourage leads and ask for referrals and feedback to generate more leads

Why English Call Centre for Lead Generation Services?

Your business needs continuous flow of leads. English call Centre provide best lead generation Services in English as we have understanding of versatile business market and create multi-touch lead through outbound leads generation services and inbound leads generation. Our agents have proficiency in engaging tighter targeting audience to provide end-to-end lead generation. We provide your company steady flow of high quality leads.