English Call Centre is located in Delhi, centre of India and are expanding globally, catering the needs of many European and American countries adjoining some Asian countries like Russia for their business in English speaking countries.

Delhi is capital of India (Top Metro and Business State of India) with all latest amenities and facilities where average earning of person is more than other states of India so we have pool of talent resources available.

The advantages of location of English Call Centre are:

  • Best quality services at economical rates because of low rate infrastructure like internet, power etc, low wage manpower and most important high difference in currency rate.
  • Professionally highly qualified manpower is easily available as education rate is very high in multiple fields.
  • Mass population learning foreign language from childhood or from international institutes so hiring staff for foreign language with required skills is easy.
  • Outsourcing offshore reduces the training and hiring costs.
  • Favorable government policy for foreign company, simple and hassle free.
  • Beneficial Geographical conditions with no possible physical calamites, Delhi is safe from cyclone, torrents, earthquake etc.
  • Strong historical and cultural ties provide unity in diversity which helps in better understanding of different culture of different country.

The advantages of hiring the English Call Centre are:

  • We have Pool of skilled team having high education in multiple fields for better understanding of each and every customer and providing customized services to our clients.
  • We have staff with Good communication skill in English.
  • We provide services 24X7 to match the people living in different time zone.
  • We provide services at affordable rates.