Staffing Services

What is staffing services?

Staffing services is not simple process it is combination of choosing, training, and on-boarding the right person for the job. It can also include offering remuneration, performance appraisals, and promotions.

Hiring call centre Staffing Services in India  gives you the opportunity to avail customized solution which caters to the unique requirements of the company.

English Call Centre (ECC a multilingual call centre) staffing services offer holistic solutions, which comprises of choosing, staffing, training, development, payroll management etc.

How English Call Centre (ECC a multilingual call centre), call centre staffing services in India find you the most qualified candidates.

You will get proven staffing services and hiring process which ensures that you get only the best picks.

  • Identifying candidates: – Our deep knowledge of identify qualified professionals using wide variety of sources which helps in providing best staffing services to our clients. We use job boards, online networks, personal referrals, and professional networking.
  • Short listing and screening: – We shortlist the identified candidates on the basis of their experience, skills and professional qualification. Our screening process for providing better staffing services to our clients involves background and face-to-face meeting of the candidates.
  • Placement and follow-up: – Our staffing services call centre includes continuous monitoring of the performance of the employee. We assure you to get the best staffing service in the industry.

English Call Centre (ECC a multilingual call centre) helps you in saving your time and resources in harvesting and filtering through databases to attract and retain high quality employees.

 Our customer service teams can help you source team members globally which matches your requirement and budget. We plan and market campaign for specific staff shortage. We even support your own recruitment resources with a specialized customer service staffing sourcing solution.